WSO – How did you come up with this system?

Hi, my name is Jet Chan. I think I shouldn‟t repeat the same thing that I‟ve mentioned in my salesletter again. Basically I have 13 sites that are designed for the purpose of testing linkbuilding practices. Each site has different backlink profile, anchor variation and many multivariate testing going on.

WSOSome survived the Penguin, some were buried, and some that got hit are coming back to top 10.

And I have spent a lot of time picking up what works great, what does so-so, and what doesn’t work at all to finally come up with a solid system that I use to rank 90% of my sites to top 5 on Google.

Why not 100% of your sites? (I will get to that soon)

This Top 5 Ranking System can be applied to almost any type of sites you have.

No matter if you‟re a complete newbie in SEO and linkbuilding or a veteran SEOer;

No matter if your site is completely new or 5 year old, a simple niche site or a large authority site;

This system is going to set you a strong diverse backlink foundation that will survive any Google update, and most importantly bring you “Real” top ranking results.

This is the exact system that I follow to rank all types of sites that I have from easy and “very” highly competitive keywords to top 5.

Frankly, I can‟t deny that there‟s going to be more works and intelligence involved if you‟re trying to rank highly competitive keywords which you may not achieve “purely” by following this system.


That is the main reason why I have purposely included another Step-By-Step Private Blog Network System (email/pm me with your transaction # and I’ll send you this massive bonus, remember it has limited copies) for those of you who are after these highly competitive keywords. This is going to help you rank almost ANYTHING you want and it all comes to the question as to how ambitious you are.

However, for 99% of you who are going to rank medium competitive long tail keywords, I can guarantee that this system is going to rank 99% of your sites to top 5, if not top3 on Google. That‟s where the real traffic comes in!

And again, your site built upon this system is surely going to maintain Top Ranking after any Panda, Penguin or “Pangolin” updates as if all my sites did.

Top Keyword Research

Even if you have learnt 1000 different approaches to researching keywords,

Please DO pay attention to the following examples, as I really want to make sure you‟ll be spending efforts on something that ranks and earns.

The research method here is really simple

Just bear in mind that we‟ll need to

Monetize the keyword = target buyer & urgency keywords

Maximize page worth = at least 2 keywords for each page, preferably 3 or more. This leads you to better anchor text variation while maximizing the traffic streams for each page. (We will get to the anchor stuffs later)

And Beat the top 5.

Ok let‟s get started!

More about this WSO you can find here.


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